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ISO:  Gently used tablet donations. One of our goals as a special hockey team is to offer our players adaptive supports.  One of these supports include calming materials during hard times. Music is a powerful healing tool that offers a great deal of balance and organization to our vestibular systems (a system in the body that is responsible for maintaining balance, posture, and the body’s orientation in space and plays an important role in regulating locomotion and other movements).  Providing our players with some music time (and the visuals of a music video on YouTube, for example) can go a long way in promoting the right balance they need to participate.

We could love to be able to meet this adaptive need so our families don’t have to bring their own devices on top of everything else (hockey equipment plus whatever else our players require to safely access their communities). Working tablets only please.  Charging cables and protective cases would be amazing, but are not expected.  We can always purchase those additional pieces, as the costs are much lower than the tablets themselves.

Please email us at: for donation instructions. As always, we are incredibly grateful for all your support.  We couldn’t ask for a better community.

Contact Randi ( for how to donate funds and/or gently used equipment, or text RetrieversGoal to 41444